Version 1.7.3 Released

We just published the bug-fix release 1.7.3. It primarily fixes the execution of multiple population splits and merges happening at the same time.



  • The labeling of internal nodes in the oriented forest output no longer changes within the same tree topology. That makes it easier to identify different topologies.

Bug Fixes

  • Now requires that subpopulation are defined via the -I argument before any demographic options for all population (-M, -G or -N) are given (#108). Thanks to Jonathan Terhorst (@terhorst) for reporting this bug.
  • When the multiple of the merge/admixure arguemtns (-ep, -eps and -ej) are used at the time, they are now executed in order in which they are provided on the command line (#121). This behavior now follows ms’ implementation. Thanks to Scott T Small (@stsmall) for reporting this.

Published: November 18 2018