Version 1.7.1 Released

We released version 1.7.1 of scrm today. The new version fixes bug #102 that could occur when using non-contemporary samples (“-eI” option). In some circumstances, all previous version of scrm could jump over some time periods in that case. This led to error messages in most case, but could sometimes also silently produce wrong results.

We recommend to repeat all simulation that used the “-eI” option with the new version to make sure that they are not affected by this bug.

Full Changelog:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes that bug that could lead to false results when the “-eI” option was used to include non-contemporary samples. In that case, scrm could skip the time interval between the MRCA of the contemporary samples and the time of the “-eI” event (if any), and neglect all events during that time. We recommend to repeat all simulations which used “-eI” with the updated version (#102).

Published: March 23 2016